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Mommy I Love you So (Chorus)- for 12 strings harp 
3 versions included:
1. Easy solo version
2. Intermediate solo version 
3. Singalong version 
FREE download Code before 31 May 2023:

Step to download:

1. Click "add to cart 新增到購物車中 " and 
; "瀏灠購物車" to process your order
2. Insert FREE Code 輸入促銷代碼 : MOMMYILOVEYOUSO
 & click "Submit"
3. Click "Order" button
4. Insert your information (name/ address/ email, etc.) and click "Continue" 
5. Click & Confirm your order 檢閱並下訂單
# NO payment will be required and you will received an email for download file. 

1. 請登入連結,選擇「新增到購物車中」及「瀏灠購物車」
2. 輸入促銷代碼 : MOMMYILOVEYOUSO ,按「套用」,然後按「結帳」
3. 輸入顧客詳細資料,並按「繼續」
4. 檢閱並下訂單 
5. 成功確認訂單後會有下載連結顯示(不需有任何付款及付款資料輸入)

Mommy I Love you So (Chorus)

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