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Art on Harp

by  Tokyo Artist

​Beary Harpy Blossom Series 


Introducing our very first special edition, "Sakura" blossom series. An elegant, magnificent and soulful piece of art was born in March 2019. 


Breaking up the traditional concept of Harp painting, we attempted to paint our little harp in an asymmetry drawing. Inspired by the historical Japanese painting “Rinpa”, Artist Lui perfectly combined the beautiful flowers drawing and the wooden craft. The expressions of colours and beautiful form of the blossom flowers from the sound box to the neck of the little harp made it one of a kind art piece.

A harp that blossom


2019年,Beary Harpy 的旅日藝術家 Josephine H.N. Lui,創作出以櫻花為主題的限量系列。



Josephine H.N. Lui, Artist

Award Winner & Master Graduate in Tokyo University of Arts (Department of Sculpture), a sculptor & painter base in Tokyo.

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Beary Harpy Blossom series 是藝術家手繪作圖,每一個鮮花型態都不同,會跟據你訂製要求的圖案再報價,跟Beary Harpy no.2 經典Mom & baby Bear 設計圖案是鐳射激光木刻是完全不同,客人訂單不能付費更換作此" Art on Harp"產品,敬請留意。

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