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謝謝奈良美衣Naomi Wear 的支持🐻🎶令Beary Harpy 8弦線小豎琴Baby gift set 更錦上添花,首次合作Baby Hamper, 以可愛的熊啤啤為主題🐻💕包含了8弦小豎琴和熊寶寶夾衣套裝,無論是送給自己或是身邊朋友,都是一份很好的新生嬰兒禮物。



  • Beary Harpy 8弦線小豎琴一個
  • 一件熊啤啤夾衣,連帽子
  • 一套後備弦線 (Spare string set)
  • 一套調音匙 (Tuning Key)
  • 特別設計Beary Harpy 幼兒音樂學習卡 (共計36張)配合色彩鮮豔的圖畫,用淺簡易明方式,教你基礎樂理及彈唱和弦等技巧。





配合追蹤Beary Harpy YouTube Channel 網上教程更新:

Beary Harpy 將由2019年開始會以8弦小豎琴推出YouTube視頻教學分享,Beary Harpy YouTube Channel 的教學影片系列,配合Beary Harpy Baby Flash card做基礎教材,每段影片大概6-10分鐘,讓你隨時隨地重溫影片,輕鬆地與小寶寶一起學會彈奏小豎琴。


Beary Harpy YouTube Channel:



2019 Beary Harpy x Naomi Wear Baby gift set In the baby gift set:

  • 8 strings playable miniature toy harp
  • 13 inches tall with engraved bears pattern
  • Handcrafted from solid wood, Beech Wood Extra Light weight (1.5 lbs only)
  • Naomi Wear Bear Baby Jump Suit (Size: 0-6months)
  • a best little musical instrument as baby gift Special designed for mom and baby, and music dummies who want to start playing harp in easiest way one Tuning Key and one extra string set included (electric Tuner is not included)


The Colorful Beary Harpy Baby Music Flash Card especially arranged for 8 strings little toy harp (total 36cards) The Baby Music Flash card are going to show you: Music Foundation of harp learning 10 baby rhythms (melodies and singalong with lyrics and chords)


  1. Twinkle Twinkle little Star
  2. I am a little teapot
  3. Hokey Pokey
  4. London Bridge is falling down
  5. Row Row Row your Boat
  6. The Bear and the fiddle
  7. Rain rain go away
  8. Incy Wincy spider
  9. Old MacDonald had a farm
  10. Brahms lullaby


* Come with Beary Harpy YouTube Online lessons (Public channel, 6-10mins each lessons,2019 start) to show you how to use this Flash card: Tuning, maintenance, Theory of music, Notes and strings, fingering, etc.


Beary Harpy YouTube Channel:



Remarks:* Every harp is made of natural wood with unique pattern, product may look slightly different from model picture.

Beary Harpy x Naomi Wear Baby Gift Set

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