2020 Beary Harpy no.2 自學套裝包括:

Beary Harpy beginning book 繪本教材 (25首以上專為小豎琴編寫的歌曲)
後備弦線 (Spare string set)
一套調音匙 (Tuning Key)
一個防塵套(Dust Cover, color: Candy yellow/ Cotton Pink/ Lake Green-blue/ Sky Blue)
一個小豎琴帶(Harp Strap,color: Brown/ light Pink/ light Blue)
一套另免費附贈Lesson 00-15的網上教學課堂影片連結分享,以及成為Beary Harpy會員,定期收到優惠,免費教材,課堂及精品禮品優惠資訊。
網上教學內容請參考: https://www.bearyharpy.com/blank

2020 Beary Harpy no.2定價港幣:$3980 




- 壓名字體將用熊媽媽親手寫的西洋書法,不能要求別的字體。

- 不需壓名服務的朋友請在備註列明

- 如額外要求設計預覽圖,需另付HKD450稿件費,而設計只限更改3次,若需再更改需再另收稿費。(如有此特別要求,請電郵至 cs@bearyharpy.com )

- 壓名後不能更改圖案。






2019 Beary Harpy no.2

- 12 strings playable miniature harp
- 21 inches tall with engraved bears pattern
- Handcrafted from solid wood, Maple Wood
- Lighter weight design
- elegant look with Gold plating pins and strap buttons
- one Tuning Key and one extra string set included (electric Tuner is not included)
- a pair of strap button installedWith Accesorries:
- a Dust Cover (color: Candy yellow/ Cotton Pink/ Lake Green-blue/ Sky Blue)
- a Harp Strap (color: Brown/ light Pink/ light Blue) 
- a Tuning Key
- a extra string setBonus with Self-learning set:
- 20 online self-learning lessons (private video links for members only, not public)
-Beary Harpy Beginning Book , especially arranged for 12 strings little harp (Total 72 pages with intermediate and advance tunes)
- become a Beary Harpy member to enjoy our bonus video lessons and extra discounts on products.

* Please note that every Harp is made of natural wood with unique pattern, product may look slightly different from model picture.


Price: HKD3980 



Welcome to Email us at cs@bearyharpy.com for Golden color embossing services request. Extra HKD500 will be charged for this on top services. 

For Handwriting your name with Golden color embossing on your little harp:

* Limited to 10 letters. 

* For customers do not need embossing, please state in the remarks.

* No other fonts option. For extra preview layout, HKD450 will be charged for each layout with 3 times maximum revise. Email us at cs@bearyharpy.com for this special request. 

Beary harpy Signature 12 strings little harp